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I’ve been flexing my tanking muscles lately in 5-mans.  It’s not really something I do often, but the lure of rare pets and mounts in the bonus bag is too strong to resist.

So I get into a group, End Time.  I’m tanking (warrior), paladin healer, druid, mage, warrior dps.  First thing I notice is that the healer is dead.  Looks like I got a wipe group who didn’t inspire confidence in their first tank, whom I’ve apparently just replaced.  First boss is Sylvanas and the healer and the body of their first tank are laying there with the druid casting rez.  I see the healer is tagged as a ghost, but they don’t take the rez, probably because they didn’t get it while zoning or whatever.  This prompts the druid to remark “I rezzed the moron.”  Healer fires back “ur the moron i have mass rez debuff.”  Sure enough, the healer had a fresh mass rez debuff, but the druid wasn’t casting that.  Yeah, this isn’t an ominous sign of things to come at all!

Sylvanas dies easily, as does Jaina next, without any problems or further complaints from anybody.  So it’s on to Murozond.  The druid proceeds to Hibernate the wrong trash mob (typically one of the two Suppressors, he hits one of the Wardens with it) and roots another, neither of which are the mob that has been correctly marked as being the one to CC.  We get that sorted out, and I pull, and we kill the trash.  I start to turn around to look at the next group of trash, and it’s already been pulled without CC on any of them.  Who dies first?  The druid of course.  I die as well, but the other three manage to kill off the trash.

We get rezzes, and turn our attention to Murozond.  I ask if everybody is ready, at which point, the druid is already in stealth cat mode up the boss’ ass.  Healer says go, and before I can even hit my Charge button, the boss is engaged and the druid is dead.


Yeah, he was an unhappy asshat of a cat.  He keeps up his complaining through the entire fight.  Of the things to complain about during the rest of the fight, maybe the fact that the mage wasn’t hitting Time Warp soon enough was a legit complaint, but most of it is just “YOU SUCK” being spammed endlessly.  We win of course.  I point out that we killed the boss, and that he’s the one that pulled, not me, but he’s so fucking wharrgarrbl’d out of his mind over the whole thing that I doubt it mattered.  Then comes the loot.  The agility trinket dropped, which he of course needs on immediately.  Know who needed on it next?  Keep in mind our group is two warriors, a paladin, a mage, and the druid.  The paladin needs on it of course, which triggers another druid swearing outburst, and I just laugh and drop from the group.

I got a Giant Sewer Rat pet in my tank bag for putting up with those guys.


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Huh. So it’s been literally a whole year since I last wrote anything here, and amazingly, the song is the same. I’m unhappy with my guild, but this time I’ve actually canceled my account.

Yeah, I canceled my account, which at this point is kinda of dumb, since it’s actually active until November.

Maybe I’ll go play on some other server, but really, I don’t want to. Like I said, there’s only one guild I want to play with game with, and if I’m not in that guild, then I’m going to quit the game. Thus.

I’m just sort of overall sick of the game too. I’ve fallen into a routine of logging on my main, checking mail, auctions, what’s going on, then over to Manzuri for the daily JC, then to Bildor to win a daily random PvP. Those three things have defined the last month of WoW for me. I did reroll my rogue, and I’m up to 51 on him, but with those last 34 levels staring me in the face, I find myself asking what the point is. So he gets to 85, ok, then what? I don’t like pugs. I’m not particularly enamored with any of the cata dungeons. I’m never asked to do anything or invited to any guild groups, and when there is an opportunity for me to join up, I’m already in the middle of PvP on my druid, so there go those opportunities.

Functionally, I have ceased to be a contributing member of my guild, and as such I no longer find any joy in the game. We’ve now come to the point where alts are getting in current raids, and I still haven’t done shit.

I logged in today to see 9 people in ICC. “ICC?” I asked. “We’re on Arthas,” came the reply. I figured they must have an non-guild as the 10th, and went on with my daily routine. That was all finished, and they were still in there. So I figured they were having a hard time, or something, and decided to ask. “I only count 9, do you guys need a dps?” No answer, just a DBM auto response that 8/9 were alive and they were in combat. Just a flood of hard mode achievements a few minutes later. Yeah old content, I know, but fuck. I still haven’t gotten a LK kill. It’s been pretty much an entire year since I got my first crack at it, and here I am, still underachieved, and bitter about it.

If this is what the game has become for me, then I’m sick of it, and done.

One more week

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I’m not happy, so I’m giving it one more week.

In our guild, like most others, we have ranks.  Leader, Officer, Raider, Member, Alt, Initiate.  Leaders and Officers are pretty much self-explanatory.  Raiders are distinguished by the fact that they have regular raid attendance every week with more regularity than the Members.  Pretty much the only thing these ranks are good for, is that the Raiders get first dibs on loot, followed by the Members, Alts, and finally Initiates who only get loot if it would otherwise rot.  At the moment, I am a Raider, but I’m feeling lower than an Initiate for the simple fact that I can’t fucking get home from work fast enough and I wind up the 26th man.

Yesterday that cost me a Cryptmaker.  It went instead to an Initiate.

Today that cost me a role in our first Sindragosa kill.  That went, apparently, to somebody outside the guild as far as I could tell from looking at the online guild roster.

In the last month, I have killed a total of 2 25-man bosses.  I have to go back to May 18th in my WoW Armory Feed before I find myself killing multiple ICC25 bosses in a guild raid.

I’m starting to ask why even bother trying to get home in time.  It’s not going to happen.  It is not worth it to me to look forward to a raid all week, only to log on, see 25 names in ICC, be told “you’re on the sub list,” miss dinner, and basically sit around for the next hour and a half only to watch loot and achievements fly past me in guild chat before the raid is inevitably called once it gets too late for the east coasters to stay on.

I can’t get home any faster, and they won’t schedule the raid any later.  My rank of Raider has become a lie, and I’m sick of it promising me nothing.

So I’m giving it one more week before I quit trying.

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A donor, whom I choose to keep anonymous, granted me with 2 more Primordial Saronites, so I’m at 7 now, with a target date of May 24th.


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Have 4 Primordial Saronite now, 3 from my own purchases, and 1 from the guild bank.  I managed to hit the weekly raid quest on all 4 80s last week too, which helped a lot.  That, in addition to getting them into VoA runs, should bring an additional 5-9 badges a week.  Also there’s the ICC 5-man dungeon quests that you can do on your first trip through them.  Dalkado and Aaeru have both done the first one, so they’ve gained an additional 2 badges there.  Also Korby got his T10 helm purchased last night, so his badges from now on are being added to the cause.  In all, I’ve moved the completion date from June 8th back to May 31st so far.

EDIT: Just got #5.  May 28th to finish now.

March/April/May goals

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I’ve started on the Shadow’s Edge quest, which means I need 25 Primordial Saronite.  At 23 Frost badges a pop that’s not particularly cheap or easy/quick to achieve.  Compounding that, Korby needs a new helm, which I’ve decided will be the Ymirjar Lord’s Helmet, which costs 95 Frost badges.  Thus, Korby’s badges will go towards that goal, while my 3 other 80s will be doing daily dungeons for the other Frost badges.  25*23=575 badges, which is about 90 days of daily dungeons.  Hopefully I can get some weekly raid quests done as well, for some 5 badge boosts to those totals.  Once Korby reaches 95 badges for his helm, then he can start spending on Saronite as well, but if you ignore ICC and weekly raid rewards, I’ll have the 25th piece of Saronite bought on June 8th, assuming I don’t miss any days.

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See, see!  I said when I started this thing that I would eventually forget about it and stop updating, and that’s exactly what has happened.  I am so predictable.

So, lemme check here and see what I’ve missed on updating about.

Ok.  I’ve moved Korbox to the Alliance (Dwarf) and renamed him Tigard.  He’s 46 now.

Manzuri is 42.

Bildor is 34.

Spent about 3k moving Dalkado from 447 to 450 in Tailoring.  Stupid yellow recipes only gave me 1 skill-up on 5 combines, so I had to just bite the bullet and buy the mats to make two robes for 449 and 450.  The next day, a Merlin’s Robe pattern drops in ToC.  I wasn’t there, but apparently nobody else there could use it (!) so I’ve naturally put in a request for it, since I’ve had the mats to make it for a while now (bought them with the intent of having somebody else in the guild make it for me, but then he didn’t log in for like a week, during which time I reached 450).  I asked about it, was told to request it on the guild forums, so I did, and…that was 3 days ago and I’ve heard nothing back about it.  I kinda want to ask about it again, but I really don’t want to be a pain in the ass about it.  I can only imagine that this delay is due to some conversation among officers about it since bank requests usually get filled within a day or so, but again, that’s just speculation on my part because I don’t want to be a pest.

Innoruuk and Aaeru have pretty much been ignored over the last several months.  Innoruuk has fully decked himself out in PvP gear though (and I’m just now seeing that today’s patch has made lots of it old, great).  Aaeru is still wearing heirloom shoulders.

Korby, like always has been the focus.  I won a roll on a Battered Hilt within a week of 3.3 going live.Yeah, rolled Need 100.  How freaking cool is that?  Pretty much everything has been upgraded too, with some exceptions.  I’m still badly needing a new bracer, I’m kind of locked into my current gun because the range slot is poorly itemized for warriors, and trinkets are…well, they’re tricky to upgrade because of how they are.  I now find myself almost eternally spending money on gems and enchants for the new stuff, which has gone and left me feeling poor on a regular basis.  Stupid awesome ICC loot.

The dungeon finder has gotten me playing Manzuri and Bildor a lot lately.  After leveling 4 characters to 80 exclusively from questing, it’s kinda nice seeing these old dungeons that I just completely ignored, aside from getting shepherded through them by higher levels.  Even though Tigard is leading my lowers at 46, I feel like Manzuri will be my next 80, maybe just for the novelty aspect of getting to play a different role than my warrior, DK, paladin, and mage fill.  Also she’s a jewelcrafter, and freely cut gems whenever I want them is a nice bonus to look forward to.