I came so very close to just saying “forget this” and giving up. This system of using a gimped out BT style of distributing patches is the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen.

I have a good connection, ok. I get something like 90~k/sec download speed and 13~k/sec upload speed. When I typically download something using Azureus it comes really fast provided that there are other people out there sharing the files. Now while I do my part and share the files as well, I throttle my upload speed to about half of what I could give. Why do I do this, you ask? Because if I were to just throw open my modest little floodgates, my Internet connection for whatever else I might wish to do with it while I’m downloading for the next 2 hours would be hosed. It would appear that Blizzard doesn’t consider this and left out any kind of option for us to save our bandwidth so that we don’t end up bored out of our minds while we download their huge patches in that P2P logjam they call a patching system.

Hey Blizz, if you’re going to use BitTorrent to distribute your half-gig sized patches, then let us, the people you are asking for money every month, use our own goddamn BT clients. There’s a very minor chance that I may become one of those who wish to pay you to play this game, but so far between your broken ass server and your bandwidth hogging patch program, I’m not at all impressed by your retardedness. At least with a direct download mirror I’m getting a CONSTANT 76k/sec connection and it’s only going to take me about 90 minutes to download this FIRST PATCH. It’s really pathetic that it’s been 3 hours already since I only just installed the game (which took about 40 minutes, btw) and I still can’t play it.

My patience is becoming very thin.


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