So awesome.

I’m in Booty Bay looking at the quests available to me, and I decide to take this one that I’ve kind of been ignoring. This guy wants me to go kill some giant who took his snuff box. Ok, no problem. So I find the giant and he’s a level 42 elite, which basically means he’s more like a level 48-49 mob. First try, he owns my level 46 butt, but I get him down to about 25%. I run back from the graveyard and try again. 30ish percent on that attempt. So I say forget it, take the armor damage, and hearthstone back to Stormwind to sell the junk I had in my backpacks. I notice I have an armor scroll and an agility scroll in there. I realize that I was only maybe one health potion away from killing the guy, and I suddenly desire vengeance. Time to hit the auction house for a little shopping. I get my potions and then go look at my bank. Hrm, some sharpening stones to add 2 damage to my axes for an hour, a stamina clicky pendant, some armor kits, a 30 second haste potion…yeah, this will work. Dude will die.

So I go back there, self-buff the hell out of myself, and engage. Thunder Clap first, then Demoralizing Shout, followed by a few Sunder Armors, in goes Rend, then more Sunder Armor until I hit the cap of 5 applications. From there it’s all Heroic Strike spamming while watching my health for the time to hit the potion. Final outcome is that the guy goes down and I have about 500 health remaining. I eat a wheel of cheese, look at that beautiful row of icons at the top of my screen and decide to take out another elite pain in my neck. This time I prepare myself with a few other tricks. So I find the white tiger, strutting around on his bluff like he’s Aslan, and I charge in. Same debuffing routine, Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout, Sunder Armor x 5, Rend, and right on script he summons 4 panthers to assist him. Well I’m ready for that. I pop Sweeping Strikes, followed by Retaliation and finish the guy off with Execute, doing 1600 damage. I drink a potion, loot his head as he falls, and run like hell from the panthers that are still beating on me. They all break off and I cackle with glee as I cross that quest off the list where it’s been sitting for a few weeks.

I go for a third one, but the time it takes to fly there plus the time it took to find the dude on his LOOOOONG pathing route is too much for the 30 minute buffs (which I didn’t need at all it turned out since he was kind of a wuss) and I log with 3 quests done in a little over 30 minutes. Good times, good times.


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