This could not have come at a better time. Since I started playing WoW in late April, I’ve done nothing but level endlessly. I just reached 48 last night, and I am burned out. Then, today, I get an e-mail from SOE, the kind people who brought us EverQuest. My inactive account has been restored until July 25th. In fact, ALL inactive EQ accounts have been restored until July 25th. They’ve boosted exp in zones, upped the drop rate on items, returning players get full sets of armor and weapons to help them get back into things including potions that boost exp gain and run speed. For me, this is a welcomed distraction from the grind that I’m feeling over in WoW. There are some changes to zones since the last time I logged in that I’ve been wanting to see, and I’m really curious as to if my guys are all still there or not, heh.

Now the goofy downside to this free 2 months of play: I have 25 hours worth of patching to do.


25 of them. Wow.

Well it’s not like I didn’t expect it.


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