I logged into WoW today, just with the intention of checking mail, auctions, etc. I noticed almost right away that something was going on because there were all these candles floating in the water in Darnassus as well as decorations all over the place. On my way out of the city, I saw an NPC with a quest marker over her head. Turns out that the Midsummer Festival began today. Ok, big deal. I looked it up on WoWWiki, like I always do when an in-game holiday is going on, and it didn’t seem too monumental there either. I do the little quests it gave me and they gave pretty nice experience, but while in Stormwind to trackdown an NPC, I found another bonfire in Goldshire…and then another one in Westfall…I got nice exp from both of them. Looking closer, there were in fact 62 bonfires that I could visit. And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, the Horde affiliated bonfires gave TWICE as much exp as the Alliance ones. So I printed out a list, and started checking them off. Five hours later, I’ve gained over two levels without killing a thing, and I still have about a 1/3rd of Kalimdor and most of Outland left to do on the list. Simply put, this is the greatest festival ever.


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