Yay, I got my Spirit of Competition pet from a WSG game tonight. It was quite possibly the most ANNOYING WSG I’ve played too. I mean, WSG is always a pain in the ass because the Alliance almost never wins in my battlegroup. This time however we had a good group of people…maybe a little too good. This lvl 69 gnome warrior was the reason we won and kept our flag secure, and was also the biggest pain in the ass. She’d keep running into the Horde base, grabbing the flag, and then messing around in the middle of the battlefield killing the Horde carrier and not even trying to run back to base to cap it. We were all yelling at her to cap it, but she didn’t say anything, which led a lot of us to believe that she was either two-boxing both as Alliance and Horde, or was just an idiot. Turns out it was the latter, as she started whining about how she wanted honor points by making the Horde come at her. Forget the honor points lady, WSG is the daily and I had 10k exp waiting for me when we win, plus I was still trying to get my little gold medal pet before the Olympics ended tomorrow. So we stopped helping her, not healing or anything, and she died and we capped twice more after that and won. She didn’t quit on us though, which was nice, but man she was annoying as hell. I have 28 WSG tokens, and I’m sure I’ve only won maybe 3 or 4 of them total, so you do the math and that works out to about 16 or 19 losses. I’ll stick to AV from now on since that one seems to favor Alliance in wins and gives a load more honor in the process.


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