For the uninitiated, what you’re looking at is the final score of a Warsong Gulch capture-the-flag style battleground I played in a few nights ago, with the table sorted by number of honorable kills, which you can use as a way to determine who was actively busy killing other people, a score if you will. In general, just standing near some opposing player as they die and doing nothing will grant you an honorable kill since it’s mostly all about proximity to the death and not a matter of if you actually hit them or not.

So the next best way to rank yourself in a battle is comparing the number of killing blows to deaths. I attribute my low number of KB’s to the fact that I was grouped and cooperating with much better skilled and equipped players (Pompey, Duggrim, Willhelmryan, and Evilbettie) who dealt more damage with their spells than my warrior does. It’s far far easier for a caster to blow up a person from afar with burst damage than for a warrior/other melee class to maintain up-close contact with a constantly moving target and deal consistent sword hits. What I’m getting at here is that just because I was 2-4-14, doesn’t mean I sucked, it just meant my guild/groupmates are death machines and an absolute blast to play with in PvP.

Who does suck in that picture, you might ask? I think the big red circles illustrate that point for me.

Oh, and yeah, my team lost. Alliance always loses in Warsong Gulch, so the outcome really wasn’t a surprise to me.


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