Good Naxx10 Run

Bracers of Lost Sentiments
Finally, some nice wrists.  My old Golden Limb Bands weren’t bad, but they weren’t really awesome either.

Circle of Death
Got that freaking stupid Signet of Bridenbrad off my finger.  No more running Gundrak and hoping for Hemorrhaging Circle to drop.

Loatheb’s Shadow
Man, I kinda felt bad about getting this since  it’s going to be replace by the Darkmoon card in 2 weeks.  It’s nice for now, though.

The Stray
Arr, I’m a pirate!  Really though, it was going to rot otherwise, and I like having fist weapons that I never use for some stupid reason.

Shoulder Token
This was mine by default.  No other warriors, hunters, or shaman on this raid.  I intended to turn it in for tank shoulders, but the Abomination Shoulderpads I already have are actually better.  My DPS shoulders are better than the tier DPS shoulders as well.  So I guess grats me on 5 gold then.

So yeah, it was a good run for me. Puts me at 60 heroic badges, just 20 shy of being able to buy a BP, but I almost want to save them for something else.  I dunno, I’m indecisive on that right now.  Also I’m epic in every slot but chest and my other finger.

I also grabbed an Ace Card for 550g, which I know is above my 500g per card limit, but when all the other Ace cards are like 750-850g, this was a huge bargin.


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