Rotation problems?

At the urging of a friend, I decided to look into my rotation and see if I could boost my DPS by changing somethings around. Well, I’m a Fury warrior, and what I have been doing is just spamming Whirlwind, Bloodthirst, and Heroic Strike as they come up, with occasional Slam procs. So I google on this and pretty much I’ve been doing it exactly right. One thing I was surprised to learn however, is that some warriors add in Heroic Throw to the rotation. That surprised me, because I was sure that Heroic Throw was a Prot talent, and not something I had access to in Berserker stance. So I added Heroic Throw to my button bar, and also hit Heroic Strike only when my rage went over 60 or so. I got about 1520 dps on the heroic training dummy. Then I went back to doing it how I had been doing it. Very little change. This pretty much makes me convinced that I just plain need better gear, but I’m going to keep some of those things in mind from now on, see how it works out.


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