Midsummer Fire Insanity

The Midsummer Fire Festival has rolled around again, and while last year it was all about getting my warrior from 56 to 59 in 7 hours, today it was about leveling my alts.

First I did the 16 new Northrend bonfires with Korby for some easy cash; downed Ahune.  Then the fishing bug bit me, and I decided to say hello to Mr. Pinchy.  I was not expecting this response.

Mr. Pinchy says hello!

Yeah, the pet on my first try, and then check out my bags over there.  Is that two of him?  Yeah.  I fished him up twice in a row, so I have 5 more clicks banked.  That was pretty cool.

Then I logged in Innoruuk and started moving him through Outland.  Innoruuk is 74, so the exp was 22k per Horde fire, and 11k per Alliance fire.  Note also that I equipped him with the heirloom shoulders that give 10% added exp to all quests.  Easily got him through Outland, then Kalimdor, and finally Eastern Kingdoms.  Then I took him to Northrend.  This was a little more difficult than when I did them with Korby, because Korby can fly.  I had to play “dodge the mobs” a little, but Innoruuk got the new 16 done with little excitement.  In total he gained about 95% exp.  Not quite as cool as the 3 levels Korby got out of it a year ago.  Also got about 320 gold in all.

I mailed the shoulders back to Aaeru and started to run her through Eastern Kingdoms (4k per Horde, 2k per Alliance).  In zones where level 37s generally don’t go, I stripped her naked except for the heirloom shoulders (which don’t take durability damage), and made beelines for the bonfires.  I was so impressed by the fact that she only died twice crossing Burning Steppes, that I wanted a REAL challenge.  So to Northrend we went.  Yeah, I took a high-30s character to a 68-80 continent.

I’ve run her from Valliance Keep to Amberpine Lodge, hitting 8 of the 16 fires, dying a total of 17 times along the way.  Amazingly, the easiest one to reach was going from the Horde fire in Borean Tundra to the pair of fires right in the middle of Sholazar.  Didn’t die once getting in there.  Maybe it’s just luck, or my 60% mount speed really did make a difference, but I was absolutely beside myself with giddiness when I hit that flightpoint alive.  It was the trip out of Borean to Dragonblight that was really killing me.  It took 8 deaths to go from the airstrip to the Horde fire near Stars Rest, the most hilarious deaths coming from birds swooping down from the sky and killing me.  I was able to use Spirit Healers to bounce myself across the zone to Wyrmsrest Temple (some Reanimated Frost Wyrms helped), and then made a successful deathless run for Grizzly Hills.  I’m also picking up 505 exp with each map area I uncover, so in my eyes, it’s very much worth all the dying I’m doing.  She’s gained 1 level so far, and I should absolutely have her to 40 by the time I’m done, and that’s not even considering doing Outland with her, which is looking tempting if I’m having such an easy time with Northrend.


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