Northrend and Outland at 40


I finished off Aaeru’s Northrend fires today after work, and did the Outland fires for her after completing that.  Death count came to 28 in Northrend and 16 in Outland.  I actually thought I might die more in Outland just because in some zones the mobs tend to be more densely packed in there, but I used Spirit Healers to move long distances and skip a lot of needless deaths.  My best run was from the Horde fire in Nagrand through to both Zangarmarsh fires, with my only death coming from a level 80 Horde hunter who chased me down in Nagrand.  I’ve taken her from 37 to 40 on this, and there’s still half of the Eastern Kingdoms left, and all of Kalimdor to go.  It’s a good thing this lasts for 2 weeks, because I’m a little sick of it after 2 days of grinding it.


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