Northrend and Outland redux

Thanks to the bonfire quest reset overnight, I got to do them again for Aaeru.  It’s amazing how much having the flight paths helped, since I only died 4 times in Northrend and 10 in Outland this time, compared to yesterday’s much higher numbers.  Level 42 now after the 2nd trip.

Had an amusing awkward moment when I logged on today, as a guild member got on me for a wry sarcastic post I made on the forums in regards to the fact that quite a lot of his IRL friends are in the guild.  He thought I was saying that we didn’t want them anymore or whatever, so I defused that fire, and then we all went on alts to Mana-Tombs where the only thing that dropped was mage loot, so lucky me, haha.


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