Inny Eighty

Yep, ding 80.  It’s funny just how fast 79 to 80 went.  I can’t help but compare this to the old EverQuest 59 to 60 slog where you would only see the blue line move every 5 or 6 kills, and even then, it was like 1 pixel at a time.  Since EQ hid all of it’s numbers, it’s hard to really compare the two, but WoW gives me that info.  It takes about 1.67 million exp, and the quests give around 24,000 exp with the 10% heirloom shoulders equipped. That’s roughly 70 quests, not factoring in exp gained from killing mobs, rested exp, or zone discovery.  It’s probably closer to about 45-50 quests under favorable conditions.  Not painful at all.

EQ?  You had to grind for hours, your brain going numb as you just pulled and killed and pulled and killed and pulled and killed.  Always in a group.  Soloing was near impossible for most classes.  Quests were not abundantly available and visible, and the exp gain from them was useless.  It was just one of those things that made you really hate the game, particularly when the level cap was raised once again.


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