It’s nice to be wanted

Logged in about 4am (yeah, I’m up all night), and suddenly everybody was all “zomg Korby, Naxx10!” and I was all “I dunno,” and they were all like “zomg Korby Naxx10!” and I was like “yeah, ok, whatever,” and they were all “yay and stuff!” Did two and a half wings, almost rolled for Maex’s spear, because it had a higher base damage than either of my maces, but it would have meant losing a ton of strength, and that’s no good for warriors. I’m pretty damn happy with my DPS too, putting up a consistant 2.5k, as well as pulling trash agro a little too much and dying from it (nevermind I had some suspicions about the skill of our DK tank.)

I left with no loot other than badges, which was fine by me. Managed to get some good drops for somebody that just returned from a 7 month absence, which was nice. Now if only somebody will invite me for an Ulduar 10. I think I’m worthy of it by now.


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