March/April/May goals

I’ve started on the Shadow’s Edge quest, which means I need 25 Primordial Saronite.  At 23 Frost badges a pop that’s not particularly cheap or easy/quick to achieve.  Compounding that, Korby needs a new helm, which I’ve decided will be the Ymirjar Lord’s Helmet, which costs 95 Frost badges.  Thus, Korby’s badges will go towards that goal, while my 3 other 80s will be doing daily dungeons for the other Frost badges.  25*23=575 badges, which is about 90 days of daily dungeons.  Hopefully I can get some weekly raid quests done as well, for some 5 badge boosts to those totals.  Once Korby reaches 95 badges for his helm, then he can start spending on Saronite as well, but if you ignore ICC and weekly raid rewards, I’ll have the 25th piece of Saronite bought on June 8th, assuming I don’t miss any days.


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