Huh. So it’s been literally a whole year since I last wrote anything here, and amazingly, the song is the same. I’m unhappy with my guild, but this time I’ve actually canceled my account.

Yeah, I canceled my account, which at this point is kinda of dumb, since it’s actually active until November.

Maybe I’ll go play on some other server, but really, I don’t want to. Like I said, there’s only one guild I want to play with game with, and if I’m not in that guild, then I’m going to quit the game. Thus.

I’m just sort of overall sick of the game too. I’ve fallen into a routine of logging on my main, checking mail, auctions, what’s going on, then over to Manzuri for the daily JC, then to Bildor to win a daily random PvP. Those three things have defined the last month of WoW for me. I did reroll my rogue, and I’m up to 51 on him, but with those last 34 levels staring me in the face, I find myself asking what the point is. So he gets to 85, ok, then what? I don’t like pugs. I’m not particularly enamored with any of the cata dungeons. I’m never asked to do anything or invited to any guild groups, and when there is an opportunity for me to join up, I’m already in the middle of PvP on my druid, so there go those opportunities.

Functionally, I have ceased to be a contributing member of my guild, and as such I no longer find any joy in the game. We’ve now come to the point where alts are getting in current raids, and I still haven’t done shit.

I logged in today to see 9 people in ICC. “ICC?” I asked. “We’re on Arthas,” came the reply. I figured they must have an non-guild as the 10th, and went on with my daily routine. That was all finished, and they were still in there. So I figured they were having a hard time, or something, and decided to ask. “I only count 9, do you guys need a dps?” No answer, just a DBM auto response that 8/9 were alive and they were in combat. Just a flood of hard mode achievements a few minutes later. Yeah old content, I know, but fuck. I still haven’t gotten a LK kill. It’s been pretty much an entire year since I got my first crack at it, and here I am, still underachieved, and bitter about it.

If this is what the game has become for me, then I’m sick of it, and done.


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