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I’ve been flexing my tanking muscles lately in 5-mans.  It’s not really something I do often, but the lure of rare pets and mounts in the bonus bag is too strong to resist.

So I get into a group, End Time.  I’m tanking (warrior), paladin healer, druid, mage, warrior dps.  First thing I notice is that the healer is dead.  Looks like I got a wipe group who didn’t inspire confidence in their first tank, whom I’ve apparently just replaced.  First boss is Sylvanas and the healer and the body of their first tank are laying there with the druid casting rez.  I see the healer is tagged as a ghost, but they don’t take the rez, probably because they didn’t get it while zoning or whatever.  This prompts the druid to remark “I rezzed the moron.”  Healer fires back “ur the moron i have mass rez debuff.”  Sure enough, the healer had a fresh mass rez debuff, but the druid wasn’t casting that.  Yeah, this isn’t an ominous sign of things to come at all!

Sylvanas dies easily, as does Jaina next, without any problems or further complaints from anybody.  So it’s on to Murozond.  The druid proceeds to Hibernate the wrong trash mob (typically one of the two Suppressors, he hits one of the Wardens with it) and roots another, neither of which are the mob that has been correctly marked as being the one to CC.  We get that sorted out, and I pull, and we kill the trash.  I start to turn around to look at the next group of trash, and it’s already been pulled without CC on any of them.  Who dies first?  The druid of course.  I die as well, but the other three manage to kill off the trash.

We get rezzes, and turn our attention to Murozond.  I ask if everybody is ready, at which point, the druid is already in stealth cat mode up the boss’ ass.  Healer says go, and before I can even hit my Charge button, the boss is engaged and the druid is dead.


Yeah, he was an unhappy asshat of a cat.  He keeps up his complaining through the entire fight.  Of the things to complain about during the rest of the fight, maybe the fact that the mage wasn’t hitting Time Warp soon enough was a legit complaint, but most of it is just “YOU SUCK” being spammed endlessly.  We win of course.  I point out that we killed the boss, and that he’s the one that pulled, not me, but he’s so fucking wharrgarrbl’d out of his mind over the whole thing that I doubt it mattered.  Then comes the loot.  The agility trinket dropped, which he of course needs on immediately.  Know who needed on it next?  Keep in mind our group is two warriors, a paladin, a mage, and the druid.  The paladin needs on it of course, which triggers another druid swearing outburst, and I just laugh and drop from the group.

I got a Giant Sewer Rat pet in my tank bag for putting up with those guys.