I hate the word ‘toon’ so I use ‘character’ instead.

Korby80 Gnome Warrior (18/53/0)
Korby is my main, started in late April of 2008.  During my free WoW trial week in July 2006, he was a Troll Hunter.  I’ve been using the name Korb, and subsequently Korby online for the last 10 years or so.  In EverQuest, Korby Ubertank was a Halfling Warrior.  Professions are Engineering and Mining.

Innoruuk74 Night Elf Death Knight (10/0/55)
Highest of all my alts, mostly because DKs start at lvl 55.  Named after the diety from EverQuest, and also the server on which I played EQ for 5 years.  Professions are Enchanting and Herbalism.

Dalkado66 Gnome Mage (0/0/57)
Dalkado is named for one of my older brother’s AD&D characters.  Name was also used for a Half-Elf Druid in EverQuest, and briefly a WoW Gnome Warlock.  Professions are Tailoring and soon to be Inscription.

Aaeru36 Human Paladin (0/5/22)
Since I couldn’t use the name Ashun, which I had used in EverQuest for my ranger, I had to come up with something else for my Paladin.  While hitting the randomize features button on the character creation screen, one particular look caught my eye: a very plan face, green eyes, blonde hair.  It was Aaeru (アーエル) from Simoun.  While I’m generally adverse to what looks like fanboyish name homages, this just fit somehow.  Professions are Blacksmithing and Mining.

Korbox25 Tauren Hunter (10/6/0)
My solitary Horde character, Korbox is guilded in <Notorious Killers>, the Horde sister guild of <Notabilis Kruoris>.  I would have preferred to use Ashun as my hunter’s name, but some lvl 10 Orc Shaman who apparently doesn’t play anymore has the name instead on our server.  Annoying.  Professions are Leatherworking and Skinning.

Korbicide22 Night Elf Rogue (0/0/0)
Korbicide was my first WoW alt, and got a lot of attention when Korby was leveling in the mid-40s.  Now, he’s become a bank for fish meat, BoE gear, and Stranglethorn pages.  No professions.

Bildor17 Night Elf Druid (0/6/2)
Perhaps my most personally named character, since his name is derived from my own.  I think I had a gnome cleric with the same name in EverQuest.  Professions are Leatherworking and Skinning.

Manzuri13 Draenei Priest (0/0/4)
Manzuri’s name is…well…I’ll just say it’s Japanese and leave it at that.  Also had a High Elf cleric in EverQuest with the same name, and the intended last name of Manstrupate.  I know, I’m hilarious.  Professions are Jewelcrafting and Mining.

Quorbee2 Draenei Shaman
I’ll level this guy eventually, but for now he’s a bank for cooking ingredients.  Also is dressed up like Santa Claus with pink shades.

Korbanky1 Human Warrior
The token bank character.  Wearing a nice black suit, Battered Jungle Hat and a Diamond-tipped cane.


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