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So Tuesday morning at 5am, like always, WoW servers are turned off for 6 hours for maintenance. At 4:45am I had just finished one AV instance, and decided to go for one more. An 11 minute AV win is not a rare thing, and is usually how it goes. So we get in there, and already we (Alliance) have something like a 40-30 advantage. Everybody is on their game it seems, and we stick to the usual AV plan of groups 1-5 to RH, 6-8 take Galv and the towers. It’s flawless. Absolutely beautiful to be a part of. Speaking of being a part of it, I ended up tanking Drek because nobody else volunteered. Go go freshly dinged 69 fury warrior! We won, it was awesome, and I logged out with the system messages counting down the seconds to the server being shut down.

So, I logged in today after I got home from the mall. Naturally, I’m still PvP flagged since I had logged out directly after being in a battlefield, and I don’t think anything of it, nor do I really notice it. I head out of the PvP room, and go towards the mailbox and the auction house, like I always do first thing. As I’m riding my mount through the halls of Ironforge, I notice something very strange. It’s a guy, with a red name, hunched over a skeleton on the ground. It’s a Horde. I figured he must have been messing around and gotten killed by a guard or somebody. Anyways, he fades away as I’m standing there looking at him, and I figure he either logged out or used his hearthstone. I turn to resume my trip to the mailbox when I suddenly just stop. I’m like “…huh?” Then I notice the little debuff icon on me. I’ve been sapped. The Horde then reappears and starts kicking my ass. That’s when I remember my PvP flag was still on, and I realize that this Horde is a rogue, which is why he disappeared in front of me.

My nice PvP buffs from the night before, which had me pumped to 11k hp were short lived as this guy kicked my ass just before a wandering guard aggroed on him. I run back in from the graveyard outside, rez myself, go to the mailbox, which has a dozen skeletons all over in front of it, and then hit the auction house to put up my expired items. While I’m doing this, the Horde runs in and kills 2 of the 3 auctioneer NPCs before the assembled Alliance folk realize what’s going on and kill him there. I had no idea you could kill an auctioneer (or 2) so fast.


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Hah, too funny.

I hit 69 today in WoW. Just 779700 exp sits between me and not having to grind levels for about 2 months (assuming that the speculative date for WotLK, 11/4, happens to be true). So in my quest log I’ve had Alterac Valley: Capture a Mine for about 6 levels. I’ve failed it so many times it’s not even funny, but I decided to give it another go now that I’m at the penultimate level. It’s kind of funny how much easier it was from the start. I was taking out 3 troggs at a time with only about 3k hp lost, which at somewhere in the upper 9k’s buffed, made for a pretty quick progression into the mine. Despite that, I did manage to die twice while making my way to the boss. Oh well, no big deal, it’s not like the mine respawns or anything. So I run back in there, and start taking out the last mobs before the boss. I kill the last one, and then turn around to charge the boss and I see this horde rogue start beating on him. Oh hell no, he’s mine! So I charge in, and while I seriously doubt that I could out DPS this level 70 rogue, I apparently do somehow and I capture the mine, which suddenly fills with Alliance NPCs, and we all start wailing on the rogue together, who manages to use whatever skill it is that allows him to escape combat and gets away. I decide my work in the mine is done and go waltzing out, and when I get to the exit, suddenly, the Alliance mobs despawn and the mine fills with Horde NPCs who kill me. Hahaha. Oh well, I can’t complain too much, I got 12k exp out of the trip, which is probably more than the rogue got from it.