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Inny Eighty

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Yep, ding 80.  It’s funny just how fast 79 to 80 went.  I can’t help but compare this to the old EverQuest 59 to 60 slog where you would only see the blue line move every 5 or 6 kills, and even then, it was like 1 pixel at a time.  Since EQ hid all of it’s numbers, it’s hard to really compare the two, but WoW gives me that info.  It takes about 1.67 million exp, and the quests give around 24,000 exp with the 10% heirloom shoulders equipped. That’s roughly 70 quests, not factoring in exp gained from killing mobs, rested exp, or zone discovery.  It’s probably closer to about 45-50 quests under favorable conditions.  Not painful at all.

EQ?  You had to grind for hours, your brain going numb as you just pulled and killed and pulled and killed and pulled and killed.  Always in a group.  Soloing was near impossible for most classes.  Quests were not abundantly available and visible, and the exp gain from them was useless.  It was just one of those things that made you really hate the game, particularly when the level cap was raised once again.


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Had to do it.

My god, what an empty depressing place EQ is now. I mean, I knew it would have very few people, especially at 4:30am, but wow. PoK and PoT are deserted. LDoN camps seem mostly abandoned. Some new zone that has a PoK book is empty. Just overall, it was depressing to go back there. I didn’t even feel like logging Korby in. Better he rest in peace where I left him. Maybe I’ll check on my other account tomorrow just to see if Hobbitlovepants and all my money and shit to sell is still there. Chances are that I probably won’t.

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This could not have come at a better time. Since I started playing WoW in late April, I’ve done nothing but level endlessly. I just reached 48 last night, and I am burned out. Then, today, I get an e-mail from SOE, the kind people who brought us EverQuest. My inactive account has been restored until July 25th. In fact, ALL inactive EQ accounts have been restored until July 25th. They’ve boosted exp in zones, upped the drop rate on items, returning players get full sets of armor and weapons to help them get back into things including potions that boost exp gain and run speed. For me, this is a welcomed distraction from the grind that I’m feeling over in WoW. There are some changes to zones since the last time I logged in that I’ve been wanting to see, and I’m really curious as to if my guys are all still there or not, heh.

Now the goofy downside to this free 2 months of play: I have 25 hours worth of patching to do.


25 of them. Wow.

Well it’s not like I didn’t expect it.

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So I’ve finally decided to make that 10-day WoW trial from the summer of 2006 into a real account. I ordered the WoW “Battle Chest” from Amazon on Tuesday, and it showed up today. At approximately 6:30pm I began attempts at installing it. It took me 3 hours until it finally finished. Yes, hours. Three of them.

The first 3 or so tries ended at 98% with an error message about not being able to rename various install files and directories. So I went off to the support forums and there was a suggestion to copy the DVD to the hard drive and install from there. Nope, didn’t work. Now even though I had 125gb free on my D drive, I wanted more. So some moving of old watched anime to my massive 750gb external drive put me up to 193gb free. Then I cleared out my temp files, rebooted, closed Google Desktop, disabled Norton and attempted install again. There was then much dancing (not that much) and cheering (I’m lying) as the damn thing installed successfully. Burning Crusade installed on the first attempt without copying the install to the drive and now I am downloading a 262mb patch file.

My god, this thing is huge. For comparison’s sake, I have my old EQ directory still on my computer and it’s 3.88gb. That’s with about 6 or 7 expansions installed and screenshots and logs, and all the stuff you tend to accumulate while playing a game for 4-5 years. This fresh install of WoW is 7.73gb. It’s like Microsoft programmed it.

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An hour of EQ impressed me more than an hour of WoW.

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Hahaha, I’m gonna go play some EQ. Too funny. Can’t say I didn’t try.