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See, see!  I said when I started this thing that I would eventually forget about it and stop updating, and that’s exactly what has happened.  I am so predictable.

So, lemme check here and see what I’ve missed on updating about.

Ok.  I’ve moved Korbox to the Alliance (Dwarf) and renamed him Tigard.  He’s 46 now.

Manzuri is 42.

Bildor is 34.

Spent about 3k moving Dalkado from 447 to 450 in Tailoring.  Stupid yellow recipes only gave me 1 skill-up on 5 combines, so I had to just bite the bullet and buy the mats to make two robes for 449 and 450.  The next day, a Merlin’s Robe pattern drops in ToC.  I wasn’t there, but apparently nobody else there could use it (!) so I’ve naturally put in a request for it, since I’ve had the mats to make it for a while now (bought them with the intent of having somebody else in the guild make it for me, but then he didn’t log in for like a week, during which time I reached 450).  I asked about it, was told to request it on the guild forums, so I did, and…that was 3 days ago and I’ve heard nothing back about it.  I kinda want to ask about it again, but I really don’t want to be a pain in the ass about it.  I can only imagine that this delay is due to some conversation among officers about it since bank requests usually get filled within a day or so, but again, that’s just speculation on my part because I don’t want to be a pest.

Innoruuk and Aaeru have pretty much been ignored over the last several months.  Innoruuk has fully decked himself out in PvP gear though (and I’m just now seeing that today’s patch has made lots of it old, great).  Aaeru is still wearing heirloom shoulders.

Korby, like always has been the focus.  I won a roll on a Battered Hilt within a week of 3.3 going live.Yeah, rolled Need 100.  How freaking cool is that?  Pretty much everything has been upgraded too, with some exceptions.  I’m still badly needing a new bracer, I’m kind of locked into my current gun because the range slot is poorly itemized for warriors, and trinkets are…well, they’re tricky to upgrade because of how they are.  I now find myself almost eternally spending money on gems and enchants for the new stuff, which has gone and left me feeling poor on a regular basis.  Stupid awesome ICC loot.

The dungeon finder has gotten me playing Manzuri and Bildor a lot lately.  After leveling 4 characters to 80 exclusively from questing, it’s kinda nice seeing these old dungeons that I just completely ignored, aside from getting shepherded through them by higher levels.  Even though Tigard is leading my lowers at 46, I feel like Manzuri will be my next 80, maybe just for the novelty aspect of getting to play a different role than my warrior, DK, paladin, and mage fill.  Also she’s a jewelcrafter, and freely cut gems whenever I want them is a nice bonus to look forward to.


End of August Update

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See, I knew it.  I would start this thing strong, updating almost obsessively every day, and then I just stop for weeks at a time.  Catch up bullets, go!


  • got Death’s Bite from Naxx, replaced it 2 weeks later with Ironsoul from Uld10
  • Conquest Helm and BP via badges, bought Valor bracers off guildie, currently saving 75 badges for Valor legs
  • my Hit rating has gone to hell, down from 350ish to 126, because of all the Armor Pen on the newer stuff


  • Unholy duel wield spec now
  • Enchanting is leveling slowly due to lack of green crap to DE


  • Level 78
  • playing Holy spec in PvP to practice healing in PvE
  • Steadily leveling blacksmithing, making myself healing gear


  • Good bye unused and abused shaman, hello Huntard
  • wanted to name him Oregon, but was rejected
  • briefly considered Oregun, decided it was too lame a spelling, especially for a hunter
  • fricking level 10 retired Orc Shaman still blocking me from using Ashun
  • level 6


  • level 20
  • click Shadow Word: Pain, click wand, wait 18 seconds, click Shadow Word: Pain, click wand, loot mob, find new target, repeat from start


  • level 22
  • yawn


  • still 68
  • maxed Inscription
  • log on, do research, put back on shelf for 20 hours

Korbicide and Korbanky

  • nothing exciting here, inherited Quorbee’s meat supplies


  • love Altoholic add-on
  • 15k gold saved up for no reason other than I have no large expenses to spend it on

If there’s more to say, my brain isn’t telling me what it is.

Two weeks in one shot

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I know, I’m like 2 weeks behind on keeping this updated.  In a nutshell, Korby and Innoruuk are both done with the Argent valient quests, having become a champion of every city.  Aaeru is 67, just learned basic flying on her thanks to today’s patch.  Did a handful of heroics on Innoruuk, replaced most of his greens with BoE blues that dropped.  Korby got a BoE Uld25 head, and legs from the new Trial of the Champion 5 man heroic.  Also built Jeeves today, but I think I’ll still carry around some Scrapbots because the 2 hour cooldown on Jeeves is kind of annoying.  Been diligently performing gylph research on Dalkado every day, so I have probably half or more of the minors.  I guess daily dungeons are something I’ll be doing again now, since I get two Triumphs from it.  I’m also 30 Conquests away from buying the chest piece, so that’s a goal as well for me.

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I’ve settled into a routine of doing the Argent Tournament dailies on Korby and Innoruuk after work, and then leveling non-stop on Aaeru for the rest of the night.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly I’ve been able to make back the money I spent on Innoruuk’s epic flight.  I’m back up to 4k already, and considering I just spent 1k on Aaeru’s dual spec last night, I was up to 5k pretty fast again.

I powerleveled my cooking last night, though I kinda blew it on planning what recipes to buy and make.  Basically, I was at 410 already, had 56 awards, and 102 spices.  I should have stopped at 425 skill and bought the feast recipes, but I went and bought all the melee skill recipes first, which exhausted my awards, and then cooked like crazy, using up all my spices getting to 444 on green skill-ups.  Oops, but it’s nice to be so high now.  Just a few more cooking dailies and I can buy Fish Feast and one of the others to skill up on to 450.

I installed the WinterTime add-on, and now I’ve been hitting Wintergrasp regularly.  I don’t know if the badges have a limit of 100 or not anymore, but I spent most of my 97 WG badges and a sizeable amount of my 350osh shards on PvP gear last night for resilience total of 369.  There’s still more to buy too.

I did the always annoying Arcane Runes quest on Aaeru last night.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have quite as much trouble with it as I did in the past.  I think that might have something to do with the fact that she had a few more levels than either Korby or Dalkado had when they did it.  I tried swimming to the SW of the pick up platform to find a way back up top, since I didn’t want to hearth out and then have to trek all the way back there to turn in the two quests I did at the west end of the zone.  I ended up finding the A Crew Under Fire quest, which is one of the oddest things I’ve seen in this game, and that’s partly because it’s completely unfinished.  There’s no reward, no follow up chain, no cash, no rep.  Just a bunch of male humans going “huh!” over and over as the naga swarm and attack them.

Ended the night in Blasted Lands with the buff food quests.  It must have been rare silver-border spawn night in that zone, because I killed 4 of them.  Didn’t get anything good from them, but Aaeru is just on the edge of reaching 55 now.

Inny Eighty

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Yep, ding 80.  It’s funny just how fast 79 to 80 went.  I can’t help but compare this to the old EverQuest 59 to 60 slog where you would only see the blue line move every 5 or 6 kills, and even then, it was like 1 pixel at a time.  Since EQ hid all of it’s numbers, it’s hard to really compare the two, but WoW gives me that info.  It takes about 1.67 million exp, and the quests give around 24,000 exp with the 10% heirloom shoulders equipped. That’s roughly 70 quests, not factoring in exp gained from killing mobs, rested exp, or zone discovery.  It’s probably closer to about 45-50 quests under favorable conditions.  Not painful at all.

EQ?  You had to grind for hours, your brain going numb as you just pulled and killed and pulled and killed and pulled and killed.  Always in a group.  Soloing was near impossible for most classes.  Quests were not abundantly available and visible, and the exp gain from them was useless.  It was just one of those things that made you really hate the game, particularly when the level cap was raised once again.

One more to go

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Got Innoruuk to 79, doing only quests in the lower half of Northrend (Borean, Dragonblight, Howling, and Grizzly).  I’m getting the feeling I’m just going to have to bite the bullet on this and buy his basic flying now, instead of waiting for the patch.  Yeah, I know it’s only like 200g more now, and I am making money easily now that I’m doing the Argent Tournament quests, it still just bugs me to spend money that I don’t have to.

Also hit up a DTK PUG and got him a Troll Butcherer.  The group was entirely Paladins and Death Knights, and somehow, amazingly, I was the only one that needed it.


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Got my Darkmoon Card: Greatness today when the Faire opened.  Had to spend 700g on the last card, which I know is way above my set limit, but when all you’ve seen for the last 2 weeks were prices averaging 900g, 700g looked like a beautiful deal.  Plus I found a new way to make money, so I could afford it.  What’s that you ask?  A way to make money?  Earn 10k honor, buy rare gem, sell gem on AH for gold.  I turned 70k honor into 316g, so yeah, I figured I could spend a little more on my last card.

I’ve been leveling Innoruuk now that the Midsummer Fire Festival (MSFF) is over.  He’s 77 now, but I’m stubborningly waiting for the 3.2 patch to go in before I spend any money on flying training or a mount.  Once he hits 80, I’ll shelve him and level Dalkado, and then Aaeru.