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Got my Darkmoon Card: Greatness today when the Faire opened.  Had to spend 700g on the last card, which I know is way above my set limit, but when all you’ve seen for the last 2 weeks were prices averaging 900g, 700g looked like a beautiful deal.  Plus I found a new way to make money, so I could afford it.  What’s that you ask?  A way to make money?  Earn 10k honor, buy rare gem, sell gem on AH for gold.  I turned 70k honor into 316g, so yeah, I figured I could spend a little more on my last card.

I’ve been leveling Innoruuk now that the Midsummer Fire Festival (MSFF) is over.  He’s 77 now, but I’m stubborningly waiting for the 3.2 patch to go in before I spend any money on flying training or a mount.  Once he hits 80, I’ll shelve him and level Dalkado, and then Aaeru.


Burning Out On Bonfires

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Done with Dalkado’s fires, as well as Innoruuk’s. I think I’ll take my time this week in doing my lower level alts, since they have no mounts and thus will have to run slowly to the fires that I think they can safely get to. Yeah, I’m not going to do crazy Northrend fire runs with them. I just don’t have the patience to do that three more times.

Started leveling Inscription on Dalkado today. He’s at 200 skill. It’s kind of a pain, since Innoruuk is the one with the Herbalism skill. I have to farm with him, then mail the herbs to Dalkado so he can mill them. Then if I wind up needing more herbs, I have to switch back and farm some more. It’s slow and a tad convoluted, but it works. Hopefully he’ll be at or near at least 400 by the end of the week.

Midsummer Fire Festibleh

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Done with Aaeru’s 2nd go around (lvl 47).  Done with Korby.  Still have Innoruuk’s 2nd run, and Dalkado left to do, not to mention all my teen alts going for the few they can safely reach.  Yes I like the free experience and the money, but damn, it’s boring work.

Northrend and Outland redux

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Thanks to the bonfire quest reset overnight, I got to do them again for Aaeru.  It’s amazing how much having the flight paths helped, since I only died 4 times in Northrend and 10 in Outland this time, compared to yesterday’s much higher numbers.  Level 42 now after the 2nd trip.

Had an amusing awkward moment when I logged on today, as a guild member got on me for a wry sarcastic post I made on the forums in regards to the fact that quite a lot of his IRL friends are in the guild.  He thought I was saying that we didn’t want them anymore or whatever, so I defused that fire, and then we all went on alts to Mana-Tombs where the only thing that dropped was mage loot, so lucky me, haha.

Northrend and Outland at 40

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I finished off Aaeru’s Northrend fires today after work, and did the Outland fires for her after completing that.  Death count came to 28 in Northrend and 16 in Outland.  I actually thought I might die more in Outland just because in some zones the mobs tend to be more densely packed in there, but I used Spirit Healers to move long distances and skip a lot of needless deaths.  My best run was from the Horde fire in Nagrand through to both Zangarmarsh fires, with my only death coming from a level 80 Horde hunter who chased me down in Nagrand.  I’ve taken her from 37 to 40 on this, and there’s still half of the Eastern Kingdoms left, and all of Kalimdor to go.  It’s a good thing this lasts for 2 weeks, because I’m a little sick of it after 2 days of grinding it.

Midsummer Fire Insanity

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The Midsummer Fire Festival has rolled around again, and while last year it was all about getting my warrior from 56 to 59 in 7 hours, today it was about leveling my alts.

First I did the 16 new Northrend bonfires with Korby for some easy cash; downed Ahune.  Then the fishing bug bit me, and I decided to say hello to Mr. Pinchy.  I was not expecting this response.

Mr. Pinchy says hello!

Yeah, the pet on my first try, and then check out my bags over there.  Is that two of him?  Yeah.  I fished him up twice in a row, so I have 5 more clicks banked.  That was pretty cool.

Then I logged in Innoruuk and started moving him through Outland.  Innoruuk is 74, so the exp was 22k per Horde fire, and 11k per Alliance fire.  Note also that I equipped him with the heirloom shoulders that give 10% added exp to all quests.  Easily got him through Outland, then Kalimdor, and finally Eastern Kingdoms.  Then I took him to Northrend.  This was a little more difficult than when I did them with Korby, because Korby can fly.  I had to play “dodge the mobs” a little, but Innoruuk got the new 16 done with little excitement.  In total he gained about 95% exp.  Not quite as cool as the 3 levels Korby got out of it a year ago.  Also got about 320 gold in all.

I mailed the shoulders back to Aaeru and started to run her through Eastern Kingdoms (4k per Horde, 2k per Alliance).  In zones where level 37s generally don’t go, I stripped her naked except for the heirloom shoulders (which don’t take durability damage), and made beelines for the bonfires.  I was so impressed by the fact that she only died twice crossing Burning Steppes, that I wanted a REAL challenge.  So to Northrend we went.  Yeah, I took a high-30s character to a 68-80 continent.

I’ve run her from Valliance Keep to Amberpine Lodge, hitting 8 of the 16 fires, dying a total of 17 times along the way.  Amazingly, the easiest one to reach was going from the Horde fire in Borean Tundra to the pair of fires right in the middle of Sholazar.  Didn’t die once getting in there.  Maybe it’s just luck, or my 60% mount speed really did make a difference, but I was absolutely beside myself with giddiness when I hit that flightpoint alive.  It was the trip out of Borean to Dragonblight that was really killing me.  It took 8 deaths to go from the airstrip to the Horde fire near Stars Rest, the most hilarious deaths coming from birds swooping down from the sky and killing me.  I was able to use Spirit Healers to bounce myself across the zone to Wyrmsrest Temple (some Reanimated Frost Wyrms helped), and then made a successful deathless run for Grizzly Hills.  I’m also picking up 505 exp with each map area I uncover, so in my eyes, it’s very much worth all the dying I’m doing.  She’s gained 1 level so far, and I should absolutely have her to 40 by the time I’m done, and that’s not even considering doing Outland with her, which is looking tempting if I’m having such an easy time with Northrend.

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I successfully infiltrated Orgrimmar to steal their fire.

Sure I died 5 times, but it was still awesome. Repair bill was only 3.5 gold too.