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March/April/May goals

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I’ve started on the Shadow’s Edge quest, which means I need 25 Primordial Saronite.  At 23 Frost badges a pop that’s not particularly cheap or easy/quick to achieve.  Compounding that, Korby needs a new helm, which I’ve decided will be the Ymirjar Lord’s Helmet, which costs 95 Frost badges.  Thus, Korby’s badges will go towards that goal, while my 3 other 80s will be doing daily dungeons for the other Frost badges.  25*23=575 badges, which is about 90 days of daily dungeons.  Hopefully I can get some weekly raid quests done as well, for some 5 badge boosts to those totals.  Once Korby reaches 95 badges for his helm, then he can start spending on Saronite as well, but if you ignore ICC and weekly raid rewards, I’ll have the 25th piece of Saronite bought on June 8th, assuming I don’t miss any days.



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This is what it looks like when I have 50 Emblems of Triumph to spend:

More DPS, More!

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I did some upgrading with my badges today.  Hammerhead Sharkskin Cloak, Belt of the Singing Blade, and I dropped a pile of cash for Etched Ring of the Kirin Tor.   Then I re-gemmed the Nesingwary 4000 with 20 hit, enchanted Gauntlets of the Wretched with 20 hit, and enchanted both Ironsoul and Edge of Ruin with Berserking.  A before and after 1 million damage test on the Heroic Training Dummy showed a 300dps increase (with 5 stacks of Sunder Armor and Battle Shout kept up), and a 30 second decrease in time to do that 1 million damage.  My hit rating is still below 8%, plus I’m Titan’s Grip, so I think my magic number is 9%, but there are a few other gem slots I’m heavily considering changing to hit gems as well.

I think I’m done buying upgrades with Conquest badges too. My next “easy” upgrade is a Triumph badge ring, with my eyes set on the Kologarn cloak from Uld10.  Cloaks with strength instead of agility are just annoyingly hard to find it seems, though 3 of them drop in Uld10.  My other annoying slot is legs.  I have the ToC legs currently, and was going to grind out 75 Conquest badges to convert to Valor badges and buy those legs since they seemed to be better than the Conquest legs, but now I’m wondering if that’s what I really want.  There don’t seem to be any high end legs that are clear upgrades aside from the Triumph legs, so maybe I should go for those instead of the ring, and those are 50 Triumphs, compared to the 35 needed for the ring (currently have 25).  I should do more 10-man VoA and hope for the legs to drop there, haha.


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Got my Darkmoon Card: Greatness today when the Faire opened.  Had to spend 700g on the last card, which I know is way above my set limit, but when all you’ve seen for the last 2 weeks were prices averaging 900g, 700g looked like a beautiful deal.  Plus I found a new way to make money, so I could afford it.  What’s that you ask?  A way to make money?  Earn 10k honor, buy rare gem, sell gem on AH for gold.  I turned 70k honor into 316g, so yeah, I figured I could spend a little more on my last card.

I’ve been leveling Innoruuk now that the Midsummer Fire Festival (MSFF) is over.  He’s 77 now, but I’m stubborningly waiting for the 3.2 patch to go in before I spend any money on flying training or a mount.  Once he hits 80, I’ll shelve him and level Dalkado, and then Aaeru.

Burning Out On Bonfires

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Done with Dalkado’s fires, as well as Innoruuk’s. I think I’ll take my time this week in doing my lower level alts, since they have no mounts and thus will have to run slowly to the fires that I think they can safely get to. Yeah, I’m not going to do crazy Northrend fire runs with them. I just don’t have the patience to do that three more times.

Started leveling Inscription on Dalkado today. He’s at 200 skill. It’s kind of a pain, since Innoruuk is the one with the Herbalism skill. I have to farm with him, then mail the herbs to Dalkado so he can mill them. Then if I wind up needing more herbs, I have to switch back and farm some more. It’s slow and a tad convoluted, but it works. Hopefully he’ll be at or near at least 400 by the end of the week.

It’s in the Cards

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I’ve got about 5500 gold now, and it’s very tempting to go and spend it on some Darkmoon Nobles cards.  There are a couple completed sets on the AH for roughly that amount, but if you price check all 8 cards individually, you can save about 600g in total.  I’ve got about  weeks before the next faire comes around, so I think I’ll just pick up each card as I find them for sale under 500g between now and then.  Pair that up with doing dailies, and I’ll maintain a nice amount of cash as I go along.

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I’ve done everything I can by myself in WoW to advance my warrior outside of raids, now I’m leveling alts. My big goal is to get my mage to 55 so I can resume leveling tailoring. I’ve also unbanked (that is, no longer using them as banks) my priest and druid to gain them some levels. That was made possible by the happy discovery that I actually had 2 empty character slots instead of just one. Now I’m considering deleting Korbanky and reusing his slot to make something I might want to play someday. Of course they’d just be a bank for the time being, but at least they’d be another option for something to play.