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I’ve settled into a routine of doing the Argent Tournament dailies on Korby and Innoruuk after work, and then leveling non-stop on Aaeru for the rest of the night.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly I’ve been able to make back the money I spent on Innoruuk’s epic flight.  I’m back up to 4k already, and considering I just spent 1k on Aaeru’s dual spec last night, I was up to 5k pretty fast again.

I powerleveled my cooking last night, though I kinda blew it on planning what recipes to buy and make.  Basically, I was at 410 already, had 56 awards, and 102 spices.  I should have stopped at 425 skill and bought the feast recipes, but I went and bought all the melee skill recipes first, which exhausted my awards, and then cooked like crazy, using up all my spices getting to 444 on green skill-ups.  Oops, but it’s nice to be so high now.  Just a few more cooking dailies and I can buy Fish Feast and one of the others to skill up on to 450.

I installed the WinterTime add-on, and now I’ve been hitting Wintergrasp regularly.  I don’t know if the badges have a limit of 100 or not anymore, but I spent most of my 97 WG badges and a sizeable amount of my 350osh shards on PvP gear last night for resilience total of 369.  There’s still more to buy too.

I did the always annoying Arcane Runes quest on Aaeru last night.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have quite as much trouble with it as I did in the past.  I think that might have something to do with the fact that she had a few more levels than either Korby or Dalkado had when they did it.  I tried swimming to the SW of the pick up platform to find a way back up top, since I didn’t want to hearth out and then have to trek all the way back there to turn in the two quests I did at the west end of the zone.  I ended up finding the A Crew Under Fire quest, which is one of the oddest things I’ve seen in this game, and that’s partly because it’s completely unfinished.  There’s no reward, no follow up chain, no cash, no rep.  Just a bunch of male humans going “huh!” over and over as the naga swarm and attack them.

Ended the night in Blasted Lands with the buff food quests.  It must have been rare silver-border spawn night in that zone, because I killed 4 of them.  Didn’t get anything good from them, but Aaeru is just on the edge of reaching 55 now.


Inny Eighty

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Yep, ding 80.  It’s funny just how fast 79 to 80 went.  I can’t help but compare this to the old EverQuest 59 to 60 slog where you would only see the blue line move every 5 or 6 kills, and even then, it was like 1 pixel at a time.  Since EQ hid all of it’s numbers, it’s hard to really compare the two, but WoW gives me that info.  It takes about 1.67 million exp, and the quests give around 24,000 exp with the 10% heirloom shoulders equipped. That’s roughly 70 quests, not factoring in exp gained from killing mobs, rested exp, or zone discovery.  It’s probably closer to about 45-50 quests under favorable conditions.  Not painful at all.

EQ?  You had to grind for hours, your brain going numb as you just pulled and killed and pulled and killed and pulled and killed.  Always in a group.  Soloing was near impossible for most classes.  Quests were not abundantly available and visible, and the exp gain from them was useless.  It was just one of those things that made you really hate the game, particularly when the level cap was raised once again.

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So being 70 now, I feel so free from the shackles of constant exp’ing that it’s almost overwhelming. Suddenly I have more than just PvP dailies. There’s this whole Sunwell place to see and start questing in. I can start on the Netherwing quest. I have a sudden need for 5k gold and as such every bar of metal in my bank looks tempting to put up in the AH. Still need about 11k honor for my BP…or a sword…I need 2h sword skill. I can go on raids with my guild…I think, I may be a tad undergeared and unexperienced though. I feel torn in 5 different directions while not really having any direction in my game now.

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Hah, too funny.

I hit 69 today in WoW. Just 779700 exp sits between me and not having to grind levels for about 2 months (assuming that the speculative date for WotLK, 11/4, happens to be true). So in my quest log I’ve had Alterac Valley: Capture a Mine for about 6 levels. I’ve failed it so many times it’s not even funny, but I decided to give it another go now that I’m at the penultimate level. It’s kind of funny how much easier it was from the start. I was taking out 3 troggs at a time with only about 3k hp lost, which at somewhere in the upper 9k’s buffed, made for a pretty quick progression into the mine. Despite that, I did manage to die twice while making my way to the boss. Oh well, no big deal, it’s not like the mine respawns or anything. So I run back in there, and start taking out the last mobs before the boss. I kill the last one, and then turn around to charge the boss and I see this horde rogue start beating on him. Oh hell no, he’s mine! So I charge in, and while I seriously doubt that I could out DPS this level 70 rogue, I apparently do somehow and I capture the mine, which suddenly fills with Alliance NPCs, and we all start wailing on the rogue together, who manages to use whatever skill it is that allows him to escape combat and gets away. I decide my work in the mine is done and go waltzing out, and when I get to the exit, suddenly, the Alliance mobs despawn and the mine fills with Horde NPCs who kill me. Hahaha. Oh well, I can’t complain too much, I got 12k exp out of the trip, which is probably more than the rogue got from it.

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I logged into WoW today, just with the intention of checking mail, auctions, etc. I noticed almost right away that something was going on because there were all these candles floating in the water in Darnassus as well as decorations all over the place. On my way out of the city, I saw an NPC with a quest marker over her head. Turns out that the Midsummer Festival began today. Ok, big deal. I looked it up on WoWWiki, like I always do when an in-game holiday is going on, and it didn’t seem too monumental there either. I do the little quests it gave me and they gave pretty nice experience, but while in Stormwind to trackdown an NPC, I found another bonfire in Goldshire…and then another one in Westfall…I got nice exp from both of them. Looking closer, there were in fact 62 bonfires that I could visit. And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, the Horde affiliated bonfires gave TWICE as much exp as the Alliance ones. So I printed out a list, and started checking them off. Five hours later, I’ve gained over two levels without killing a thing, and I still have about a 1/3rd of Kalimdor and most of Outland left to do on the list. Simply put, this is the greatest festival ever.

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So awesome.

I’m in Booty Bay looking at the quests available to me, and I decide to take this one that I’ve kind of been ignoring. This guy wants me to go kill some giant who took his snuff box. Ok, no problem. So I find the giant and he’s a level 42 elite, which basically means he’s more like a level 48-49 mob. First try, he owns my level 46 butt, but I get him down to about 25%. I run back from the graveyard and try again. 30ish percent on that attempt. So I say forget it, take the armor damage, and hearthstone back to Stormwind to sell the junk I had in my backpacks. I notice I have an armor scroll and an agility scroll in there. I realize that I was only maybe one health potion away from killing the guy, and I suddenly desire vengeance. Time to hit the auction house for a little shopping. I get my potions and then go look at my bank. Hrm, some sharpening stones to add 2 damage to my axes for an hour, a stamina clicky pendant, some armor kits, a 30 second haste potion…yeah, this will work. Dude will die.

So I go back there, self-buff the hell out of myself, and engage. Thunder Clap first, then Demoralizing Shout, followed by a few Sunder Armors, in goes Rend, then more Sunder Armor until I hit the cap of 5 applications. From there it’s all Heroic Strike spamming while watching my health for the time to hit the potion. Final outcome is that the guy goes down and I have about 500 health remaining. I eat a wheel of cheese, look at that beautiful row of icons at the top of my screen and decide to take out another elite pain in my neck. This time I prepare myself with a few other tricks. So I find the white tiger, strutting around on his bluff like he’s Aslan, and I charge in. Same debuffing routine, Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout, Sunder Armor x 5, Rend, and right on script he summons 4 panthers to assist him. Well I’m ready for that. I pop Sweeping Strikes, followed by Retaliation and finish the guy off with Execute, doing 1600 damage. I drink a potion, loot his head as he falls, and run like hell from the panthers that are still beating on me. They all break off and I cackle with glee as I cross that quest off the list where it’s been sitting for a few weeks.

I go for a third one, but the time it takes to fly there plus the time it took to find the dude on his LOOOOONG pathing route is too much for the 30 minute buffs (which I didn’t need at all it turned out since he was kind of a wuss) and I log with 3 quests done in a little over 30 minutes. Good times, good times.