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Huh. So it’s been literally a whole year since I last wrote anything here, and amazingly, the song is the same. I’m unhappy with my guild, but this time I’ve actually canceled my account.

Yeah, I canceled my account, which at this point is kinda of dumb, since it’s actually active until November.

Maybe I’ll go play on some other server, but really, I don’t want to. Like I said, there’s only one guild I want to play with game with, and if I’m not in that guild, then I’m going to quit the game. Thus.

I’m just sort of overall sick of the game too. I’ve fallen into a routine of logging on my main, checking mail, auctions, what’s going on, then over to Manzuri for the daily JC, then to Bildor to win a daily random PvP. Those three things have defined the last month of WoW for me. I did reroll my rogue, and I’m up to 51 on him, but with those last 34 levels staring me in the face, I find myself asking what the point is. So he gets to 85, ok, then what? I don’t like pugs. I’m not particularly enamored with any of the cata dungeons. I’m never asked to do anything or invited to any guild groups, and when there is an opportunity for me to join up, I’m already in the middle of PvP on my druid, so there go those opportunities.

Functionally, I have ceased to be a contributing member of my guild, and as such I no longer find any joy in the game. We’ve now come to the point where alts are getting in current raids, and I still haven’t done shit.

I logged in today to see 9 people in ICC. “ICC?” I asked. “We’re on Arthas,” came the reply. I figured they must have an non-guild as the 10th, and went on with my daily routine. That was all finished, and they were still in there. So I figured they were having a hard time, or something, and decided to ask. “I only count 9, do you guys need a dps?” No answer, just a DBM auto response that 8/9 were alive and they were in combat. Just a flood of hard mode achievements a few minutes later. Yeah old content, I know, but fuck. I still haven’t gotten a LK kill. It’s been pretty much an entire year since I got my first crack at it, and here I am, still underachieved, and bitter about it.

If this is what the game has become for me, then I’m sick of it, and done.


One more week

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I’m not happy, so I’m giving it one more week.

In our guild, like most others, we have ranks.  Leader, Officer, Raider, Member, Alt, Initiate.  Leaders and Officers are pretty much self-explanatory.  Raiders are distinguished by the fact that they have regular raid attendance every week with more regularity than the Members.  Pretty much the only thing these ranks are good for, is that the Raiders get first dibs on loot, followed by the Members, Alts, and finally Initiates who only get loot if it would otherwise rot.  At the moment, I am a Raider, but I’m feeling lower than an Initiate for the simple fact that I can’t fucking get home from work fast enough and I wind up the 26th man.

Yesterday that cost me a Cryptmaker.  It went instead to an Initiate.

Today that cost me a role in our first Sindragosa kill.  That went, apparently, to somebody outside the guild as far as I could tell from looking at the online guild roster.

In the last month, I have killed a total of 2 25-man bosses.  I have to go back to May 18th in my WoW Armory Feed before I find myself killing multiple ICC25 bosses in a guild raid.

I’m starting to ask why even bother trying to get home in time.  It’s not going to happen.  It is not worth it to me to look forward to a raid all week, only to log on, see 25 names in ICC, be told “you’re on the sub list,” miss dinner, and basically sit around for the next hour and a half only to watch loot and achievements fly past me in guild chat before the raid is inevitably called once it gets too late for the east coasters to stay on.

I can’t get home any faster, and they won’t schedule the raid any later.  My rank of Raider has become a lie, and I’m sick of it promising me nothing.

So I’m giving it one more week before I quit trying.

It’s nice to be wanted

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Logged in about 4am (yeah, I’m up all night), and suddenly everybody was all “zomg Korby, Naxx10!” and I was all “I dunno,” and they were all like “zomg Korby Naxx10!” and I was like “yeah, ok, whatever,” and they were all “yay and stuff!” Did two and a half wings, almost rolled for Maex’s spear, because it had a higher base damage than either of my maces, but it would have meant losing a ton of strength, and that’s no good for warriors. I’m pretty damn happy with my DPS too, putting up a consistant 2.5k, as well as pulling trash agro a little too much and dying from it (nevermind I had some suspicions about the skill of our DK tank.)

I left with no loot other than badges, which was fine by me. Managed to get some good drops for somebody that just returned from a 7 month absence, which was nice. Now if only somebody will invite me for an Ulduar 10. I think I’m worthy of it by now.

Good Naxx10 Run

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Bracers of Lost Sentiments
Finally, some nice wrists.  My old Golden Limb Bands weren’t bad, but they weren’t really awesome either.

Circle of Death
Got that freaking stupid Signet of Bridenbrad off my finger.  No more running Gundrak and hoping for Hemorrhaging Circle to drop.

Loatheb’s Shadow
Man, I kinda felt bad about getting this since  it’s going to be replace by the Darkmoon card in 2 weeks.  It’s nice for now, though.

The Stray
Arr, I’m a pirate!  Really though, it was going to rot otherwise, and I like having fist weapons that I never use for some stupid reason.

Shoulder Token
This was mine by default.  No other warriors, hunters, or shaman on this raid.  I intended to turn it in for tank shoulders, but the Abomination Shoulderpads I already have are actually better.  My DPS shoulders are better than the tier DPS shoulders as well.  So I guess grats me on 5 gold then.

So yeah, it was a good run for me. Puts me at 60 heroic badges, just 20 shy of being able to buy a BP, but I almost want to save them for something else.  I dunno, I’m indecisive on that right now.  Also I’m epic in every slot but chest and my other finger.

I also grabbed an Ace Card for 550g, which I know is above my 500g per card limit, but when all the other Ace cards are like 750-850g, this was a huge bargin.

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My mage was 46 on Friday. He’s 54 now.

Also went on a few raids today, finally. Lost on DPS warrior hands in Vault25, and did a very short Naxx25, killing just 3 bosses, 2 of which were Sapph and KT. Sapph’s BP dropped, and I really should have linked for it, but I didn’t. I would have gotten it, I know I would have since it went as off-spec loot, but on a quick comparison between it and my current BP, it didn’t look like much of an upgrade, and according to, it was indeed the next step up for DPS warrior BPs. Oh well, that was my big fail of the night. KT dropped the axe, and I linked for it, knowing full well that I was behind the other 4 people who also linked for it, but hey, I have to try, don’t I? KT also dropped a DPS cape, which I also didn’t win. Oh well, at least I was there. That’s the important thing to me. I was finally there, if only because Memorial Day meant I didn’t have work.

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Using the site, I put together a list of the best warrior DPS gear that I could obtain outside of any raids. I’ve managed to get my hands on all but 5 of them, so it’s nice to feel self-sufficient, but the desire to raid Naxx is still churning within me. Speaking of Naxx, I actually got to join a 25-man raid today. I only linked for one of the drops, and wasn’t awarded it, but the opportunity presented itself to me at least, so that’s pacifying to my need to see some endgame content. Military and Arachnid wings went into my achievements. Hopefully I’ll be able to benefit from more Naxx runs, so that I’m not left out in the cold wanting to see Ulduar too.

I worked my way to exalted with Sons of Hodir, mostly because I wanted to save enough money to build myself a motorcycle, which costs about 18k in total materials to build. Kind of a rip when you consider the flying machine was almost entirely player gatherable aside from a few vendor purchased items. Anyways, so I reach exalted, take a look at what is now available to me from the quartermaster, and I see the Grand Ice Mammoth for 8k. So I’m curious about what makes that mount so damn awesome that it costs 8k. Turns out it’s because it has 2 empty seats on it for other people to ride with you. Hrm, 8k for a 3-person mount, or 18k for a two person mount. Yeah, to hell with the motorcycle. It may look really cool, but it’s a rip off. The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth that can be bought in Dalaran for 16k (at exalted with Kirin Tor), also is a 3-person mount, but it has vendors in those two extra seats, so that’s why it costs twice as much. Again a rip off if you’re an engineer, since you can cheaply build repair bots out of 10 saronite bars.

Now I’m saving money for my DK’s epic flight. He’s currently 65, so I figure that my the time he’s 77, I’ll be able to afford the training for him. That’s just 567 gold per level. I can do that. I’m really impressed by the efficiency with which he kills things. I’m specing him 18/0/53 Unholy, and I’ve found that I can kill most anything at or near my level with just 5 key strokes. Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Death Strike, Scourge Strike, and Death Coil. Typically, just hitting those abilities in that order keeps me at or near full health and kills whatever I’m attacking. Elite mobs require going through a few more cycles of that rotation, with heavy emphasis on Plague and Death Strike, and Blood Boil plus Summon Gargoyle to add a little more DPS to the mix. When they say that playing a DK is like putting the game into easy mode, they’re right. It’s just ridiculously easy.

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I had an opportunity tonight to join a Naxx-10 pick-up raid for their final encounter with Kel’Thuzad. I was all gung-ho and enthused about it, until I was told that the only drop I wanted from it, the axe, was being reserved by the raid leader. Hell no. I don’t play this game to gear people I don’t know and have no loyalty to. I have no problem with assisting in the gearing up of guildmates, but some dude reserving loot for himself? No. There’s only a handful of people in that game that I would allow to dictate terms to me for raiding, and that guy wasn’t one. Maybe I should have gone, and rolled on it anyways, but then I’d just have been dishonest about agreeing to his rules.

I don’t get to raid with my guild all that often (a total of twice so far since I hit 70 in September, and one of them was rather informal), mainly because I’m either at work or asleep when the raids start, and to be honest, I have a sneaking suspicion that even if I were there and ready, other more regular raiders would be picked over me, just because granting me loot likely wouldn’t produce any returns for the guild in future raids, which I would likely miss because of work and sleep. This isn’t a dig at any perceived unfairness in my guild’s loot distribution methods, but giving drops that are intended to help increase the power of a raid force to a person who is rarely a member of the raid force, is kind of a wasted drop in my opinion. I probably wouldn’t hand a level 213 item to me either in those circumstances.

This sort of thing has been on my mind a lot lately, since regular Naxx raiding has picked up now that more people are online following the holidays. Lately I’ve been filtering out guild chat while raids are going, just because getting spammed by achievements and the occasional loot bragging only serves to remind me that I’m not there. As somebody who was always there, and always right in the middle of it in EQ, that bugs me. It provides me with a sense of being left out, though I know not deliberately so. I’ve been thinking lately that if I didn’t like the people I’m guilded with so much, that I’d probably have left already for some other guild with a more accommodating raid schedule.