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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on May 26, 2009 by Korby

My mage was 46 on Friday. He’s 54 now.

Also went on a few raids today, finally. Lost on DPS warrior hands in Vault25, and did a very short Naxx25, killing just 3 bosses, 2 of which were Sapph and KT. Sapph’s BP dropped, and I really should have linked for it, but I didn’t. I would have gotten it, I know I would have since it went as off-spec loot, but on a quick comparison between it and my current BP, it didn’t look like much of an upgrade, and according to, it was indeed the next step up for DPS warrior BPs. Oh well, that was my big fail of the night. KT dropped the axe, and I linked for it, knowing full well that I was behind the other 4 people who also linked for it, but hey, I have to try, don’t I? KT also dropped a DPS cape, which I also didn’t win. Oh well, at least I was there. That’s the important thing to me. I was finally there, if only because Memorial Day meant I didn’t have work.